Northeastern Woodland Residence
Rural Vermont
Design Development

A private client’s remote residence, nestled into a quiet, secluded Northeastern forest.  Sitting on a small hill in a grassy clearing, a modest wood home is built elevated on a grid of concrete pylons.  The home is sheltered under an expansive standing-seam steel pitched roof, which also covers a wooden veranda that wraps the whole of the building’s perimeter.  The project recalls the early Twentieth Century bungalow typology, and the working class orientation of the progressivist American Craftsman style.  The building’s exterior is clad in grey-stained vertical tongue-and-groove ash siding and natural birch soffeting.  The building’s envelope is insulated and air/moisture protected by a continuous four-inch thick layer of rigid sheathing.  The interior space is lined with large panels of birch plywood and solid hardwood plank flooring.