Founded in 2017.
Human Being Design is a full-service design practice at the intersection of personal identity and community.
We offer services on projects including: residences, installations, everyday items, and memorial artifacts.

We design for human beings through all stages of life, and after.
Human Being Design offers end-of-life planning and design services including: funerary rites, burial constructs, and monuments, memorials, and artifacts of human being.

We are curious and open-minded individuals who engage in both commissioned and self-initiated design projects.
Human Being Design is currently working on:
Human Being Semi-Sub-Urban   (with RNAW Architects) a private client’s mixed-use residential development with apartment building and duplex row in Hopewell, New Jersey
Human Being Abode   a private residence on the peak of a six-acre site in north Santa Fe, New Mexico
Human Being Cabin   a semi-rural residence for a private client in the northeast US
Human Being Lights   a series of crown-like lightshades
Human Being Vessels   several multi-human urns for private clients

We’ve recently wrapped up:
Human Being Grows   (with Trenton Grows Inc.) a nonprofit, youth-oriented, temporary educational garden
Human Being Station   (with Woolley Morris Architects) a private client’s mixed-use commercial-residential complex near the Princeton Junction Train Station in New Jersey
Human Being Design is inescapably built upon our past projects:
Human Being Post-Mordial   a graduate thesis
Human Being Isotopia   an undergraduate thesis

Please feel free to reach out and contact us concerning anything and everything!