Founded in 2017.
Human Being Design is a full-service design practice at the intersection of personal identity and community.¹
We offer services on projects including: residences, installations, everyday items, and memorial artifacts.

We design for human beings through all stages of life, and after.
Human Being Design offers end-of-life planning and design services including: funerary rites, burial and interment constructs, monuments and memorials, and artifacts of human being.²

We are open-minded designers who engage in both commissioned and self-initiated projects.
Human Being Design is currently working on:
Human Being Semi-Sub-Urban   a private client’s mixed-use residential development with new apartment building, duplex row, and renovated office in Hopewell, New Jersey (DD, with RNAW Architects)
Human Being Abode   a private residence on the peak of a six-acre site in north Santa Fe, New Mexico (SD)
Human Being Cabin   a semi-rural residence in the northeast US for a private client (concept)
Human Being Lights   a series of crown-like lampshades (ongoing)
Human Being Vessels   a series of multi-human urns for private clients (ongoing)

We’ve recently wrapped up:
Human Being Grows   a nonprofit, youth-oriented, temporary educational garden (completed, with Trenton Grows Inc.)
Human Being Domicile   a design for a suburban residence in Princeton, New Jersey for a private client (concept)
Human Being Station   a private client’s mixed-use commercial-residential complex near the Princeton Junction Train Station in New Jersey (CA, with Woolley Morris Architects)

Please feel free to reach out and contact us concerning anything and everything!

1. Our practice explores how an individual can negotiate their relationship to a collective through the medium of the built environment, in self-exploration, identity expression, and a Frankl-ian search for meaning. We ask ourselves what we can do, through the catalyzing forces of design, to aid our clients on this journey.

2. Our practice is grounded in principles of bodily autonomy, and the belief that every human has the right to peaceful, un-oppressed, and non-oppressive self-determination. Within this context, we believe that you have the right to your beliefs, and to live and die by them. As designers we take it as our duty to honor this with empathy, respect, and to the best of our ability: to aid our clients on this journey.